Role: Intimacy Coordinator and Consultant, BDSM expert

Date of production: May 2024

Where: Rome

Stringimi is an independent short film written and directed by Filippo Da Ros.
The film was shot with the support of Scuola Gian Maria Volonté and Kimera productions.

Lidia played an essential role during the pre-production phase and on set of the film, acting both as an Intimacy Coordinator (together with colleague Sarah Silvagni) and as an expert in BDSM, fetish, and kink practices.
Thanks to her expertise in managing unconventional artistic scenarios, Lidia worked closely with actors and the direction in managing and choreographing sensitive scenes containing physical and psychological violence, as well as gender play and power dynamics typical of BDSM.
Lidia actively collaborated with the costume department to ensure that appropriate protective barriers were implemented to protect the actors and create a safe and respectful working environment for all members of the cast and crew.

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