Poi Capiamo

Role: Intimacy Coordinator and Consultant

Date of production: January 2024

Where: Rome

Poi Capiamo is an independent short film written and directed by Domiziana De Fulvio.
The film was shot by Luca Bigazzi, the director of photography of Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning movie La Grande Bellezza.

As an Intimacy Consultant, I evaluated the script to identify sensitive content, assess potential risks and worked with the director at choreographing the intimate scenes.
In the pre-production phase, I facilitated communication between the director and the actresses to respect everyone’s needs.
Furthermore, I offered the actresses exercises and accessories to facilitate the physical and emotional connection in performing the scenes.
AsIntimacy Coordinator on set , I ensured the performers’ safety and comfort while supporting the authenticity of the narrative and the realisation of the director’s vision.

Lidia provided me with competent and empathetic guidance in executing some delicate scenes. She focused on building an intimate relationship between my colleague and me, which enabled us to work peacefully and with pleasure in discovering what was happening. She was a caring and inspiring presence both during the analysis of the scenes and in helping me follow the executive and interpretative path.

Gioia Salvatori

Lidia has a keen eye for detail and goes out of her way to ensure that everyone on set feels comfortable. I had the pleasure of working with her on my first short fiction film, and the results we achieved both on set and in preparing the scenes are fantastic. Lidia made the whole process easy and enjoyable.

Domiziana De Fulvio
Director and producer
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