La fantasia di Beba
locandina fantasia di beba

La fantasia di Beba

Role: Writer, film director, direction of intimate scenes

Date of production: 2019

Where: Rome

Production XConfessions/Erika Lust

For the production of the short film La Fantasia di Beba (Beba’s Fantasy), I was responsible for writing, directing, editing the movie and choreographing the intimate scenes. The film is inspired by a story written by Agnese Trocchi and contains explicit scenes.
I worked with my assistant director and producer to manage on-set consent practices and health & safety guidelines.


The film Beba’s Fantasy was shot between Rome and Ostia and is visually inspired by Italian erotic cinema of the 1970s and 1980s, particularly Tinto Brass’ filmography, reinterpreted from a female gaze perspective.

Beba’s fantasy is a story that revolves around a controversial female erotic fantasy: being paid for sex. In this regard, who doesn’t think of Luis Buñuel’s film Belle du Jour? But unlike Severine, the film’s protagonist – an upper-class woman who prostitutes herself in an exclusive brothel – our Beba has no boredom to fight or trauma to exorcise. Beba is curious and irreverent, and she puts her fantasy into action by “wearing” it in her red shoes, shuffling the cards of the victim and the executioner.
She is aware of facing a potentially dangerous and degrading experience, but she turns it in her favour, controls it and neutralises it.

In the background, there is Ostia. uthentic and wild, like the one represented by Pier Paolo Pasolini in the mid-70s or by Claudio Caligari in his feature Toxic Love – Beba eating ice cream at the end of her adventure is a tribute to his iconic movie.

The film was produced by award-winning feminist erotica producer Erika Lust.

Photo credit: Giuseppe Zizza

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