Intimacy Coordinator for screen and stage

Hello, I'm an Intimacy Coordinator

Hello! My name is Lidia, and I am one of the first Italian Intimacy Coordinators trained for international certification. I am primarily active in Italy and the United Kingdom, where I work with safe and creative practices for cinema, television and the performing arts.

What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

An Intimacy Coordinator is a professional who oversees the sensitive aspects of a film, such as nudity, sex scenes, or violence. They work closely with the director and actors to choreograph intimate scenes and ensure a safe, comfortable, and peaceful working environment.

About me

Lidia Ravviso

I have been working professionally in the film, television, and live entertainment industry for twenty years. At present, I serve internationally as an Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Professional. I am also one of the founders of Intimitalia, a trade association that brings together Italian Intimacy Coordinators.

International Intimacy Coordinator

I trained as an Intimacy Coordinator with Anica Academy ETS and Safe Sets, which are highly regarded companies that certify Intimacy Coordinators worldwide. The program was backed by major industry players such as Netflix Italy, Sky Studios Italy and Germany, Sky Italia, and Paramount Pictures.

Safe practices and intimacy

I organise and participate in cultural events that promote ethical and safe artistic production, with a focus on BDSM/kink/fetish themes and unconventional creative practices.


Eye for detail

Lidia has a keen eye for detail and goes out of her way to ensure that everyone on set feels comfortable. I had the pleasure of working with her on my first short fiction film, and the results we achieved both on set and in preparing the scenes are fantastic. Lidia made the whole process easy and enjoyable.

Domiziana De Fulvio
Director and producer

Care and inspiration

Lidia provided me with competent and empathetic guidance in executing some delicate scenes. She focused on building an intimate relationship between my colleague and me, which enabled us to work peacefully and with pleasure in discovering what was happening. She was a caring and inspiring presence both during the analysis of the scenes and in helping me follow the executive and interpretative path.

Gioia Salvatori

Atmosphere and comfort

I worked with an intimacy coordinator on this new project and she was so amazing. She wasn’t policing anything, she wasn’t interested in that. She was more like part-sexual therapist, just providing an atmosphere on set that is conducive to sexuality, where everyone is comfortable. [Interview Magazine]

Bruce La Bruce
Film director


I provide consultation and production services for creating
sensitive and intimate content across multiple platforms and clients.

Coordinating intimate scenes for cinema and television throughout the production process, from script to set to post-production.

Consultancy, assistance, and choreography services for creating intimate content on stage and for live arts.

Training courses, creative workshops and personalised programs focused on sensitive content and unconventional artistic practices.

A kit customised for actors to facilitate choreography of intimate scenes on stage and set.

Intimacy means being emotionally and intellectually connected, creating a safe space to share vulnerabilities, feelings, and experiences while feeling respected and comfortable.


My work as an Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Professional, as well as a writer, producer, and film director. I am involved in film productions, cultural programs, workshops, and panel discussions, all of which often feature sensitive content.


Leave a message if you want to involve me in a project.

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