Intimacy Coordinator Kit

Intimacy Coordinator Kit

To make it easier for performers and directors to create intimate content, I created a kit of protective accessories and clothing to enhance the experience of choreographing intimate scenes during rehearsals and performance on set or in live performance (theatre, performance, circus).

All the materials I use are tested, hygienic and safe and meet the needs of people with all body types and skin tones. I source products from renowned IC companies such as Safe Sets(UK) and The Modesty Shop (USA), specialised in the production of modesty garments, or I adapt and create custom kit, selecting products according to needs.

1. Body tape in different skin tones. Water and sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, contains no latex. 2. Washable panty shields supplied by The Modesty Shop 3. Silicone nipple covers. 4. Romeo – Adjustable padded protective panties supplied by Safe Sets 5. Protective panties in different shades. Seamless, can be filled with silicone or fabric barriers, washable, hypoallergenic.

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