The Listener

The Listener

Role: Writer, film director, direction of intimate scenes

Date of production: 2019

Where: London

Production: Erika Lust Cinema

For the production of The Listener, I was responsible for writing, directing and managing the realisation of the intimate scenes. I created and managed the choreography of the intimate scenes in collaboration with the assistant director and the intimacy coordinator. The feature film contains nudity, simulated and unsimulated masturbation, sex and violent scenes such as murder.

I also edited the film, producing two versions, explicit and soft, and employed remote directing for some scenes.


The Listener, written and directed by Lidia Ravviso, is a sexy and mysterious coming-of-age film that is part comedy, part thriller. It follows the adventures of a young writer, Nora (Maisy Taylor), struggling with her superpowers. Every time she masturbates, the protagonist can hear the sounds through the walls of her home in Central London, a luxurious Victorian mansion inherited from a wealthy aunt.

Nora maliciously and secretly enters her neighbours’ private lives. Suddenly, a mysterious murder turns the residents’ lives upside down, and that’s when Nora, with the help of an attractive detective, uses her powers to help find the killer.
The Listener is a quirky and delightfully funny film with the visual imagination of Amelie and a meticulously detailed and colourful set reminiscent of Wes Anderson.

The film was produced by award-winning feminist erotica producer Erika Lust.

Photo credit: Julia Schönstädt

I'm so excited to share this cinematically stunning movie with you! Lidia's first Lust Cinema feature is sexy, intriguing, and absolutely beautiful to watch. Each shot is truly a piece of art and I am so glad I have the chance to collaborate with amazing directors who are using their talent to elevate adult cinema to a whole new level of artistry. Great job, Lidia, I can't wait to see more!

Erika Lust
Director and producer
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