Training Anica Academy ETS and Safe Sets

Formazione Anica Academy ETS e Safe Sets

Date: January 2024

I trained as an Intimacy Coordinator with Anica Academy ETS and Safe Sets, which are highly regarded companies that certify Intimacy Coordinators worldwide.

The program was backed by major industry players such as Netflix Italy, Sky Studios Italy and Germany, Sky Italia, and Paramount Pictures.

The course created by Anica Academy ETS for Intimacy Coordination international certification was Italy’s first professional training opportunity for a role now considered crucial on film sets and in the performing arts.

The didactic material was created by Safe Sets, a world-renowned IC training agency and company, and supported by a scientific commission that includes leading figures from the audiovisual industry. Among the teachers is Luisa Lazzaro, Italy’s first certified Intimacy Coordinator.

The programme offers both theoretical and practical lessons. The exhaustive teaching material includes individual and group interactive activities, exercises on movement and consent practices, analysis of film scenarios, choreography lessons, use of modesty garments, and tutoring by highly qualified Intimacy Coordinators who work internationally.

The course exceeds current industry standards, with over 75 hours of training, and aligns with the training and certification criteria promoted by SAG-Aftra (United States) and BECTU (United Kingdom) to employ qualified intimacy coordinators.


  • Sara Blecher (IC Safe Sets)
  • Chiara D’Alfonso (Head of production Netflix Italy)
  • Sergio Del Prete (Director Anica Academy ETS)
  • Nils Hartmann (EVP Sky Studios Italy and Germany)
  • Luisa Lazzaro (IC certified)
  • Kate Lush (IC Safe Sets)
  • Erica Negri (Executive producer Sky Studios Italy)
  • Serena Yagoub (Production management coordinator Netflix Italy)
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