The Visitor

The Visitor

Role: Intimacy Coordinator

Date of production: April 2023

Where: London – Lourdes

The Visitor is a feature film directed by the iconic Bruce LaBruce. It is an explicit reinterpretation of Teorema (Pier Paolo Pasolini – 1968) The film was presented at the 74th edition of the Berlinale Film Festival and acclaimed by critics and audiences.

Produced by A/Political with the support of Doesn’t exist magazine and Dmovies.

On the set of The Visitor, I worked as Intimacy Coordinator, managing the intimate scenes (explicit and not), nudity and body suspension both indoors and outdoors.

I took care of the well-being and safety of the actors (five performers) who, due to script needs, often worked in uncomfortable set ups. I accompanied them in the choreography of the most complicated scenes, both from a technical and emotional point of view, supporting the director’s vision.

I collaborated, in particular, with the costume and make-up department and with the set design to facilitate the use of protective barriers and prosthetics.

I worked with an intimacy coordinator on this new project and she was so amazing. She wasn’t policing anything, she wasn’t interested in that. She was more like part-sexual therapist, just providing an atmosphere on set that is conducive to sexuality, where everyone is comfortable.

Bruce La Bruce
Film director

At timecode 10:00 you can listen to Bruce La Bruce’s commentary on my work on the set of The Visitor.

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